My journey to date

Spring 2024 An update to my working practice: – I’ve taken a unique path that combines spiritual healing, counselling training, Feldenkrais method, and at present I am working through an MSc in Body Psychology Body Psychotherapy. This combination has given me a comprehensive view of what it takes to help people heal and grow.

In this journey, I’ve noticed how these different areas inform and support each other. Spiritual practices ground me, counselling theories sharpen my listening and empathy, Feldenkrais deepens my understanding of movement and the body, and my academic study provides a solid framework for understanding the complexities of the mind-body connection.

This mix has shaped the way I work. I notice patterns that others might miss, and I feel that I’m equipped with a variety of tools to help people. My practice is rooted in a blend of intuition and evidence, personal experience, and professional knowledge.

The learning from each field doesn’t just stay in its lane; it overlaps and interacts, making me more effective at what I do. Clients might not see all the threads in the background, but they feel the difference in our sessions. They get a more integrated approach to healing that respects both the physical psychological and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Through my years of working with people, I have gained an understanding that we are all on a path, albeit at different places and various stages. In my early 20’s I experienced a crisis that led to a growing curiosity and leaning towards healing. I now know that this was necessary for my eventual training as an intuitive healer. The training was over many years and held by a group of healers known and established in their field. In the late 70’s they set up a healing center called the Sanctuary.  My practice as an Intuitive Healer now spans over 30 years.

Two years of training in Psychosynthesis gave me a personal grounding and context for the healing work, along with acquiring counseling skills.

Having suffered from back pain for over seven years, which had initially come about from an injury, I was introduced to the Feldenkrais method.  My first experience was a light bulb moment. The teacher who was working with me worked quietly and softly, the effect in my body was beyond words. I wondered, how could I have experienced something so simple and fine in contact and yet have such a profound outcome. I had not realized that my own anxiety was causing this injury to inflame and add to my somatic symptoms.

What has inspired me about this work is that “simple” really is the “elusive obvious”. What I mean is through a method of gentle movements, flexibility,  coordination, self-awareness develops, resulting in more ease and connection between the body-mind.

 I spent quite some time in my own lessons before deciding to enroll in the 4-year training and I practice many of the principles daily.

Moshe Feldenkrais is gone now, but he left behind a legacy of dedicated practitioners and a body of work that enables us to explore our own inner experience of self-awareness through a series of ‘Awareness Through Movement‘ lessons or individual one-to-one ‘Functional Integration‘ lessons.

I am a member of the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Councila Member of the Feldenkrais Guild (UK) and a member of BAHA (The British Alliance of Healing Associations)


“Craig is the most wonderful healer. He has such an amazingly nurturing, soothing and calming energy. He knows instinctively what you may need even if you don’t. As well as the healing, he uses his knowledge of the mind, body, breath and movement to guide you and provide ways for you to get to know yourself better and offers self-care and self-healing guidance to continue the work he does with you.

His guided meditations are also divine!”


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