HSP. A short review of: The Highly Sensitive Person by Dr Elaine N Aron.

by | Aug 9, 2023 | Blog, Mindfulness

Sometimes it is better to be late to the party than not going to the party at all.

Having just finished reading Dr Elaine Aron’s book entitled: -The Highly sensitive person, I can attest to the fact that I am truly late to the party, however, I am here.

Let me explain.
The book attests refers and repeats often that the term Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) exists and that IF any of her writings, personal experiences, client-based therapeutic experiences and research are not enough for you then the many links (through a Google search(see below)) will attest to the fact that her work has found resonance and is thriving.
We are taken on a journey from infancy, childhood, adolescence into adulthood via university and work experiences to a place of validation of OUR own, and often confusing, sensory experiences. What do I mean by validation of our experiences?
In the depths of our inner world, we each have experiences beliefs and views that will be at odds with and different to the family we came from. To be true to ourselves we must as quoted by Dr Elaine Aron “individuate” a Jungian term to become our authentic selves. This book digs deep into the recesses in our inner world and normalises many of those deeply hidden aspects (at least for me they do) of feelings thoughts and experiences that I needed to keep hidden for fear of being different, ostracised or even just shunned.
This short review is no more than a validation for those that seek and tread a path, away from the mainstream, that they should do nothing else but believe in themselves: – their intuitive wisdom. This well-thought-out and clearly described book serves as a strong reminder to bring into the light those gifts that are hidden within the shadows of yourself, as a way of self-protection, and to trust that you will be supported in your endeavours.
In my work, I have often said to clients that being sensitive is both a gift and a curse (I use this last word lightly). A gift because it is beautiful and exhilarating to be sensitive and intuitive to know and understand in a way that almost needs no explanation other than “you just know’. A curse because to be in the world without a suit of “known and understood armour” is to be vulnerable in this nakedness. Dr Elaine Aron’s book will go some way to point you on your own path of knowing and assist to equip you with practical experiences and validation. However, make no bones about it…you still have to do the work….that’s part of life’s journey
Craig Rebuck.
Ps I only said late to the party because her first book was written in the 1990s!! But hey it takes time to find all of the strands.

Craig Rebuck