What to Expect

Our initial meeting will be an opportunity for me to get to know what has brought you to healing, so that I may better understand what it is that you would like to work on.

If in that initial session we agree to work together, we will then meet for another 6 sessions, with a series of agreed follow up sessions throughout the year.

For distant healing, it is important to find a quiet space that you can both move around in and lay down on the floor, have a light covering nearby.  For one to one touch and distant healing wear loose fitting clothes, they are far more comfortable. 

Each session will be 45 mins. My fee is £60.00 per session.

A synthesis of experience and working with you

There are many definitions to be found, but the one that is true to the healing work that I provide is ‘to make whole or sound, restore to original integrity, to reconcile’. The healing I offer is under the umbrella of energy healing and is in service of restoring balance between the physical, emotional, and spiritual realms, a synthesis of the bodymind. As a healer my role is to guide you in this process.

There are some differences between one-to-one touch work and distant healing. 

In working with one-to-one touch work I invite you to participate in this process by adopting an attitude of curiosity and interest in what is taking place. This helps to establish and cultivate awareness an important stage towards transformation and healing. Through the subtlety of touch work together we will be looking at how your body is responding, releasing blockages, and obstacles, so that you discover and experience a freer flowing connection.  The one-to-one touch work will be light and sensitive.

Through distant healing we will also together explore the subtle connection of what is taking place, listening to the intricate messages that your body is expressing to you and ignoring the chatter of the mind. It requires a little more focus on your part but is no less effective. This may be hard to understand, however all that is needed is some openness and willingness towards this method….

Healing can be for people who are dealing with a variety of life experiences, You may find yourself in crisis, or struggling with emotional, physical or spiritual difficulties.  You may need support through a transition or help with bereavement. It could also be your curiosity that brings you.